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The best harness you will ever find for your dog!
NO dog likes to have its neck or throat pulled on. The BUDDY BELT gives you perfect control of your dog without infringing on the throat or neck.
The BUDDY BELT is our favorite because:
- best quality components
- handcrafted premium leather
- best design
- safe for your dog
-comfortable for your dog
-many stylish colors from which to choose

Each BUDDY BELT is handcrafted in Toronto, Canada with attention paid to every detail.


There are 3 collections Buddy Belt offers, they include Premium, Luxury, and Elite. 

Premium colors: Black, Blue, Caramel, Light Pink, Red

Luxury colors: Hot Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Silver, Natural

Elite colors: Blue Jean, Buddy Bahama, Coral, Gold


  • 1. Measure your dog’s chest girth.
    You want a snug measurement, directly behind your pet’s front legs.

    2. Confirm weight.

    3. Select the correct size using the chart

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